A Voice for the Spirits 

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The Grave Sight.


A Few years ago, a young woman, Amanda, contacted me about a possible murder/suicide. The death of  her best friend puzzled her. Amanda wanted to know if i could help her in any way to find out what really happened to Michael (name changed) . As I was speaking with Amanda, Michael's prescence came to me really strong. I let her know that he was present.  As Michael spoke to me he let me know that he was crazy about my daughter Skye. He wanted to tell her what had happened because she was more his age. I consulted Skye and she had no problem with speaking to him. Skye asked Amanda if we could visit the grave where Michael was buried.

As we followed Amanda in the car, Skye told me that he was really strong in her mind.

Skye led us to the gravesight on her own. We stood for a moment and listened to Amanda as she spoke. Skye stopped Amanda and told her not to tell her anything. Skye took her shoes off and stood barefoot on the grave. As Skye began to talk about what had happened to Michael, she started to cry. Skye looked at me and said "Oh my God, Momma. Michael's dad shot him in the back of the head in his parent's house."  She began to shake uncontrollably. I immediately took control of the situation letting Michael know that he was physically harming Skye. Without a pause, Skye settled completely down. She began to tell Amanda graphic details about what had happened the night of Michael's death.

Later we went to the proper authorities and told them what whe had seen. The father and mother were both questioned resulting in a confession.

Michael is at peace today and was able to cross over thanks to my loving daughter.



River, my smart, handsome son.

Skye is now a proud mother of a beautiful daughter. Her name is Serenity Rain.

Serenity is also very special. She is already letting us know that she can see spirits.


The Field

River has also been able to see spirits through out his life. He is a strong willed young man and has supressed this gift for years. He has the ability to tell you what your thinking before you say anything.

One afternoon River asked me to take a walk with him down the dirt driveway. As we walked and talked we came upon a field that was a prospering garden. Half way up the drive, River pointed to the garden and asked did I see anything out there. As I gazed across the open field I noticed a man standing in a pair of old, blue jean overalls. I told River that I did. He asked me if I saw an old man in overalls. When I said yes, he sucked in a sigh of relief and said, "Good. There for a minute I thought I was losing it."

River is very special. He can see in the immediate future and basically tell you what you want to know.

Truly wonderful son!



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