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Hi!! Here's more about me!

Posted by Melissa G. Nathan on October 25, 2012 at 5:20 PM

Hello! It's nice to meet you!!!

I wanted to take a moment to tell you about my gifts.

I never repeat a name or a sitting, whether on line or in person, unless you give me permission.


A couple of months ago I was visiting our daughter and granddaughter in Tuscaloosa, Al. We decided to go to the mall and check out Earthbound. I absolutely love this store!!!

There was an employee there by the name of Sharon.

Her mom was wanting me to speak with her but I was unsure how to approach her.

I have my own weird way of approaching people! LOL :P

After we began to talk, I told her what her mom was wanting her to know about the house and her brother.

Come to find out, this was a matter of life and death for her. Her brother was very abusive and they were living in the same house.

Sharon had been pondering what to do. Her mom gave me the answers that Sharon needed to get out and move on with her life.

Needless to say, when the next shift came in, they were concerned that Sharon was crying and laughing at the same time.

You are welcome to contact her if you would like!

FAI (Fay)

Fai is from South Africa. She has been in the US for about 11 years now.

I met her on facebook through my husband's friends. She had sent me a comment one day about how she like my top in a photo of us.

Her mother contacted me wanting to talk to her. I didn't act upon it, i waited.

About a month later she and I were on chat, her mother insisted that I tell her about my gifts. So i did.

Fai called me and we talked for over two hours.

As we were talking, I told her the nickname that her mother called her. She began to cry and said that there was no way I could have known that!

As we continued to talk, her first cousin, Sadie came to me. Needless to say, she had a blast communicating with her loved ones that had passed.


I visited a friend of mine in the outskirts of Atlanta, Ga.

At that time I was reading tarot cards for people.

Jamie came with a girlfriend of hers that I had done a reading for earlier that day.

Jamie was very skeptical, as most people are.

We began to talk. Out of no where a young guy appeared beside her.

I had to ask who he was. He told me that he was the father of Jamie's little boy.

I asked Jamie if she had a little boy around the age of 4. Her eyes grew large and she confirmed then asked why.

I told her that her fience' was there with us and wanted to talk to her.

Her eyes filled with tears and she managed to get out the words, "So talk."

I began to let her boyfriend communicate with her through me. I told her the final details about how he was killed and why she just had to play that song at his funeral.

I have hundreds more that I could tell you and eventually I will.

I am real. There's nothing fake about me.


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