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Posted by Melissa G. Nathan on December 16, 2012 at 7:05 PM

Sometimes in life we loose what's most important to us from time to time. Whether it be a death or a separation. Everyone wants to know about the other side... Some people just refuse to admit it. A lot of people don't believe in what I can do, including my very own husband. He says that if I can't tell him about him then he refuses to believe. I have told him what his mom and stepmom both look like (both passed years ago) among other things. He still refuses to believe in me. I want to make it very clear that I did not choose this gift/curse that I have.....It chose me. Some of my very own family claim that I am of the devil and satan's daughter. Then so be it. I cannot help who contacts me or when. I can control how I deal with each spirit and when to deal with them. I really don't care whether anyone believes in me. I have proven myself over and over through the years. I've heard that since I'm not famous I'm not real. Guess what....... I know that I'm real and the people that I've helped through the years also know that I'm real. For those that don't believe........Try me! Let me prove you wrong!!!!! LOL

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